Stop ItIt s Not Me That s Strong… It s the Sword…
Author :Umaji Manji
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p Unbeknownst to himKurou rsquo s body was taken over by a magic swordndashThe Demon Bladeand he was treated as a herop
p Every time the magic sword gets hungryit forcibly possesses his body and goes on rampageLuckilythe magic sword proritizes criminals and monstersbut even soif those couldn rsquo t satisfy his hungerthen it might set its sight on othersp
p To cover up this cursehe called himself the Evil Condemner and ended up killing criminals and monsters endlesslyAs a resultpeople around him began to misunderstand himwho was possessed by the magic swordas a tremendously powerful personand began to make outrageous requests p
pldquo Stop making unreasonable requestsI rsquo m just an ordinary person possessed by a demon swordrdquo p

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