The Reason The Villain Covets Me
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p After being possessedAnnette was framed as a murderer and imprisoned in an insane asylum p
p As she waited day by day for the day she would dieshe was visited by a man claiming to be her husband p
p The identity of her fake husband was none other thanlsquo Theodore rsquop
p He was a mad villain who was destined to die a miserable death p
p Somehowhe knew Annette rsquo s secret p
pldquo Make me emperorThen I rsquo ll tell you how to get out of this worldrdquo p
p It was Theodore who brought Annette into this book p
p Instinct warned her to run away from himbut she must accept his offer in order to survive p
pldquo If you become emperorwill you really let me gordquo p
pldquo There is no need to keep a tool that has outlived its usefulness by my siderdquo p
p Annette clenched her fists and made up her mindwilling to be used as his tool p
p And to get away from that arrogant man p

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