Life s Second Round in Epic Mode
Author :Hahawa
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p Meet Yi Geona solver of chaos who rsquo s not a hero or a villainAfter dying in 2030he starts his second life in 1993a time without smartphones or even fried chicken joints likeldquo Hollys rdquoin KoreaDespite expectations thatrsquo 93 would be boringYi Geon finds it to be totally epic p
p From the posh shopping district of Apgujeong Rodeo to the alleyways of Bangbae dong cafesthe nightclubs of Itaewonthe rock cafes of Gangnam Stationnew friends in Silicon Valleyand the wild street racing culturethese epic experiences were meant only for middle aged men p
p But Yi Geon can rsquo t stand being left out p
p Sometimes sneaky and evilsometimes thrilling and excitingYi Geon rsquo s second life promises to be full of epic adventures p
p This is a taste of his second lifewith no sweet potatoes involvedIt rsquo s a new retro sensation that blends perfectly p
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