House Dad s Literary Life
Author :Happy Family
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pldquo Da dardquoRight after transmigrating into a parallel worldYang Yi was a bit stupefied upon seeing a adorable little girl calling him fatherFineXixi is 100my daughterbut my child rsquo s mother is actually an aloofabsolute beauty who rsquo s a famous singerThis isn rsquo t a laughing matterProblems also follow and ariseHow do I coax my babyYang Yiwho was a freelance killer in his previous lifescratched his headHow about I tell some storiesYang Yi didn rsquo t think that the stories he imported from his previous world would be famous world wideHow do I bring back my child rsquo s mother who left in angerThe experienced Yang Yi indicated that there was no problem a love song couldn rsquo t fixAnd if it couldn rsquo tthen two songs p
p Many years laterYang Yi sighedp
pldquo ActuallyI only wanted to open a coffee shop to sell the mood and peacefully become a cultured manrdquo p
p Fans were shockedp
pldquo Father in lawstop jokingwe rsquo re still waiting your wife to make appearance onThat Killer Isn rsquo t So Cold rdquo p
p WhatYou dare to plan for our family rsquo s XixiYang Yi angrily pulled out his dragon sword Eat this dragon swordp

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