Spring Banquet
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p Li Huaiyuthe princess of Danyangwho was arrogant and domineering and hurt the ruler and the opposition for eight yearswas goneOn the day of the new emperor rsquo s ascension to the throneQiqiao bleeds and dies in terrible conditions p
p Hundreds of officials celebrated and all applaudedevil is rewardedGood death p
p Howeverduring the first seven daysPrincess Danyang resurrected her body and became the fourth lady of the White House p
p WhatIs this Miss Bai Si a foolDefenselessStill stealing from relatives p
p Huaiyu took the case ldquo It rsquo s really unreasonablerdquo p
p Fighting ingenuity is a blockbusterand there are thousands of people helping each otherWith the Princess of Danyangare you afraid this fool rsquo s fate won rsquo t change p
p But who can tell youon the wallwhy you pressed Ziyang Jun Jiang Xuanjin p
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pldquo Have you ever loved someonerdquo p
pldquo You loved merdquo p
pldquo How do you loverdquo p
pldquo At firstI tried every means to stun herrdquo p
p In the endI tried everything I couldjust wishing that she would succeed p

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