Transmigrated into the Pastoral Scenery
Author :Mo Rugui
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p The rich second generation Song JingWei transmigrated to the ancient times when there were more men but fewer womenThe scum sister designed him to lose his chastitybecome pregnantand be reviled by others p
p Song JingWei calmly married to the countryside and his life changed drasticallyThe other party was the son of a peasant family who was not only a farmer but also a scholar and was from the family which had everything to do with both the studying and farming for generations p
p The only son of the Shen familyShen JunXiwas poor and dumband still single at the age of twenty fourAn accident caused him to marry the young master of the richest family in LiHua Townand it caused a sensation in the whole village p
p Shen JunXi knew that he was not good enough to keep Song JingWeiBut in the days togetherhe still tried his best to love himpamper himand respect him p

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