The Strongest Vegetable Garden with Cultivation Cheats
Author :Shichio Kuzu
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pldquo HuhA vegetable garden where meat grows on trees A delicious slow life with an unbelievable giftrdquo p
p A young man named Gio from a village was given a seemingly useless gift calledldquo home gardening rdquoon his 15th birthdayDespite dreaming of becoming an adventurer since he was a childGio returns home disappointedHoweverwhen he activated the gift in his deserted backyardsucculent and exquisite vegetables grew in an instantMoreoverto his surprisehe sawldquo Ehis that meat growing on trees rdquoandldquo a sturdy golem also appeared rdquo ndasha series of astounding eventsWho would have thought that a home garden would possess such an outrageous and amazing skillWith his silly and cute little sisterchildhood friendand a life full of delicious foodGio starts a new slow life p
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