SisterIn This Life I ll Become Queen
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pldquo He doesn rsquo t like plump girlsHe always imagine it was me in his arms when he hold yourdquo p
p The day before my coronation as a queenmy fianc eacutekicked me out and my sisterwho couldn rsquo t be more beautifulmocked me for being miserable trapped in a tower p
pldquo I was a replacementrdquo p
p My perfect fianc eacutedistorted his face at my question and laughed p
pldquo You rsquo re not even a replacementyou are just a substituterdquo p
p I rsquo ll go back and change everything p
p The abominable sisterthe cruel fianc eacute the stepmother who exploited and pillaged memy biological father hellipI won rsquo t leave you aloneI will drink your blood and off your flesh p
p There is no more nice and sweet second daughter p
pldquo Don rsquo t cryAriadneYou deserve better than thatrdquo p
p The friendly princebrother in law of a previous life ldquo Darn itI rsquo m begging yourdquop
p Even the fianc eacuteof a past life whose attitude has completely changed p
p I rsquo ll see the end of this story p
p Ariadnewho was born by the cardinal rsquo s ordinationThis timeshe is throwing herself into a political frenzy to win both love and power p

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