The Saintess is Busy Raising a Warrior
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p Lee Eun hye was a gold medalist in the Summer Olympics Women rsquo s BoxingbrAhead of a matchshe came to possess Saintesslsquo Maria Estelle rsquofrom her favorite otome gameHero Makerp
p In order to return back to realityshe had to gather all of the powerful male protagonists one by one and defeat the Demon KingbrThe problem was that this s upid game only had bad endings p
pldquo Maybe this is my chanceAn opportunity to change a game with only bad endings to a happy endingrdquo p
p Howeverthings got a little complicated p
pldquo Move asiderdquobr ldquohelliphellip rdquobr ldquo I said move asideAllen Iroasrdquo p
p The Demon King rsquo s Castle was just a few steps awaybrI had no doubt in my mind that I would finally be able to achieve a happy ending and return home this time if I defeated the Demon Kingbut hellip p
pldquo You rsquo ve always been like thisAlways forcing me to make difficult decisionsrdquobr ldquo What are you doing right nowrdquobr ldquo Maria Estellethere rsquo s only one thing I wantrdquobr ldquo Let go of merdquobr ldquo I just need you to stay by my side foreverrdquobr ldquohelliphellip rdquo p
p ForeverbrAs he said sohis eyes were full of determination to never let me go p

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