A Handsome Kinky Gangster Reporter
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p Claude ldquo I only had my sister in my worldrdquo p
p Philip ldquo Did you think you could come and get away from me nowrdquo p
p Cielldquo I don rsquo t care about the EmpireMy only concern is youHaleyrdquo p
p I also did the booking that everyone else does p
p Next door is the Crown Prince rsquo s fianc eacute eand the chaebol villainWhat am I this p
p Haleywho was a journalist in a previous lifebecomes a journalist and starts a newspapereven in a romantic fantasy novel she wrote p
plsquo But I didn rsquo t stop serializing this novelrsquo p
p The characters in the novel are not my knowledgeBy the way p
pldquo SisterI rsquo ve been my sister since I was a kidrdquo p
p Cloudwho had been like his own brotherbegan to obsess p
pldquo I rsquo ll put a lifetime ad in the Golden Giraffe Dailyso let rsquo s go out with merdquo p
p Bully tycoon Philip is making a sponsorship offer p
pldquo Can rsquo t you please like merdquo p
p Why the hell is a flirt doing canines p
p Will the discontinued novelldquo The Prince Who Loved the Widow rdquohave a proper ending p
p Haley rsquo s money making project begins to live as a journalist in a romance fantasy novel p
pldquo Pleaseall of yougo to the heroineDon rsquo t do this to merdquo p

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