The Bewitchingly Beautiful Girl I Saved 4 Years Ago Returned to Mebut Now She Is a… Yandere
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p Kazuma Miyoshia second year college student who attends a local universitysaved a girl rsquo s life from a perpetrator of the subway terrorist incident four years ago p
p At their farewellthey exchanged names and chatted cheerfulydeepening their relationshipHe felt the possibility that something like this might happen again in the futurebut ultimatelyhe never saw her again p
p Of coursehe didn rsquo t forget about herHe couldn rsquo t forget the tragic sight of herwhen he risked his life to save herBut he also thought that it would be better for the girl to forget about him and move on in his life p
p He eventually forgot about the promise they made to meet again and went on to live a normal teenage life p
p He had a girlfriend in high school and they broke up hellip and before he knew ithe was already a college student p

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