Face Slapping The Slag Gong System
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pYou will encounter gongs in different worlds with different temperaments and different emotionsThey are fine and loyal dogs p
pYou are superior in appearancethey will love you at first sightwilling to sacrifice allbut soon they will get boredbetraycheat p
pYou are vengefuland want to take revenge on that slag gong p
pldquo CanrdquoQin Mu then put forward his own requirements ldquo To fall in lovethey first must have a good waist and long legsThe abdominal muscles must have eight blocks to satisfy meAs for the faceI am not superficialas long as it rsquo s of the highest quality I don rsquo t mindrdquo p
p The thieves are caughtand those slag gongs take for granted that because Qin Mu loves themhe will choose to forgive themSmile p
p However Qin Muwho is cold to the bonesonly smokes a cigarette and expresses his deep love to a new lover ldquo BeautyI want to be with yourdquo p
p The slag gongs ldquo Please come back to meI will never leave you hellipIf you don rsquo t agree and continue to hook up with other peoplethen I can only break your legs and lock you upFrom now ononly I can see yourdquo p

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