As Long As You Are Happy
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p It had been days of miseryLiving a life where she could not dieRhettwho had been living in the slumsfound herself at the cusp of being sold off to a perverted noble p
pldquo H help me hellip rdquo p
p Her first attempt at rebellion had been easily thwarted and just when she thought that this was how she would die p
pldquo You rsquo re safe nowrdquo p
p She was saved by a man she had never seen beforeAnd she was granted a fantastical lifeWhen she learned of her parentswhom she had initially thought never existedshe regained her real nameIrinaAs she stayed with the kind people of the Winfried HouseIrina healed her wounds that she had been suffering from and grew little by little p
pldquo Miss IrinaBe happy hererdquo p
p The man who had saved herDuke Rogan WinfriedIrina had fallen in love with him as though it was only natural p
p But she wondered whyWhy did she feel a little empty inside though they shared the same feelingsWhy did it seem like he was suffering p
plsquo You said that you wanted me to be happyrsquo p
p I wish for the same p

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