The Snow Leopard Baby of the Black Leopard Family
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p Born as a hybridI was abused by my maternal grandfather because I was a useless child who didn rsquo t inherit any abilities from my dad rsquo s familyand ended up dying p
p I returned to the past with my memoriesbut my options weren rsquo t so different from the past p
p I rsquo ll either live like this and be abused to death just like in my previous lifeor I rsquo ll go to my dad who hates me p
plsquo I don rsquo t want to die againrsquo p
p Eventually I went to my dad who hated mewith a locket in my hand that would prove me to be the daughter of the Black Leopard family p
pldquo Let me hellip let me stay hererdquo p
p All I asked for is protection until I became an adultThenwhen I was old enough to live aloneI was going to go out and live without causing troubleBecause I was going to be a good kid this time p
p Butsomehow hellip p
pldquo My beloved daughterif there is anyone who touches youI will kill them immediatelyrdquo p
p My fatherwho I thought hated mewas so sweet to me p
pldquo HeyFerdinanddon rsquo t keep hugging ThielAt this time of yearI heard that girls are very delicaterdquo p
pldquo Where did you learn that s upid theoryThiel likes to hugrdquo p
p The two brothers who I thought were scary like me so much p
pldquo ThielI rsquo m going to hand you over the head position of this Black Leopard familyrdquo p
p My paternal grandfather suddenly tells me that he is handing over his position to me p
p Hey helliphellip didn rsquo t everyone hate me p

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