LordYour Immortal Plant has Slipped Away Again
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p Ye Zi transmigrated into a palace fighting novel and became a small immortal plant in the ambitious villainous Prince rsquo s manor p
p The novels stated that the little Prince Gu Yan was giftedaloof and insidiouscold blooded and ruthlessand grew up to be powerful with the intent on plotting rebellion p
p But no matter how Ye Zi looked at ithe felt that there was something off p
pmdashmdash Who was this brat who didn rsquo t learn anything all day long and was constantly being wild p
p The little immortal plant growing in the Prince rsquo s manor was takenldquo careful care rdquoof by Gu Yan every day p
p He endured Gu Yan rsquo s daily chatteredin which he took him as his confidant p
p He endured the shadow guards rsquodaily wateringin which his roots were about to rot p
p He endured the ladieswho would constantly bring in deerldquo whip rdquotonicin which they would end up pouring it into his pot p
p Ye Zi endured the torture that he shouldn rsquo t be enduring at this ageand finally on the day of Gu Yan rsquo s weddinghe successfully transformed and could run away p
p Huuuuuuuuuhwhat are you doingYour MajestyWhy are you locking me in the bridal chamber p
p Gu Yanwho had been rebornI have waited for you to take shape for almost ten yearsmy little bridewhere were you trying to go p
p Ye Zi helliphellipp
p Possessivenessstrongruthlessand black bellied Gong x High force valuecowardlyand soft Shoup

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