Destiny Unchain OnlineI became a vampire girl and eventually became known as theDemon King of Blood
Author :Resn
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p In the near futurefull dive VR technology is widely used in everyday life p
p VRMMORPGldquo Destiny Unchain Online rdquo―― A perfect skill system without a leveling systemwith an emphasis on player skilland PvPIt is the release day of such a new VR game p
p At the request of his fatherthe developer of the projectMitsuki Kou descends into the world as a tester of a new human interface devicebrHoweverthe next thing you knowhe rsquo s a vampire girl hellip p
p In additionhe is unable to log outand due to a glitchhe finds himself not in the first townbut in a remote forest hellipbrBelieving his father rsquo s words that his life is not in dangerhe steps out to enjoy the game for the time being p
p He trains himselfrecruits friends to join his guildand for some unknown reasonhe ends up role playing as aldquo Noja Lolirdquogaining popularity among viewers through the streaming function hellipBefore longKou became famous as Crim Luersheiatheldquo Demon King of Bloodrdquo p
p And the effect of this on Kou rsquo s body in the real world―― hellip p

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