Even If Everyone Hates You
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p The Devil of the Norththe cruel cold blooded dog of the Crown PrinceGrand Duke Seyad Prosiuswho had no choice but to kill monsters that threatened the kingdom p
p Seyadwho is merciless with his hands but is more capable than anyone elsehurts countless people in a sudden rampage during the battle against monstersThushe dies at the hands of Prince LesasThe Crown Prince rsquo s rival and the strongest guide p
plsquo There will never be another person as terrible as bryoursquo p
p At the end of his deathSeyad looks back on his lifeEven the princewho was kind to everyonehated himand the crown princewho was his guideregretted it in the end and abandoned him p
p Seyad opened his eyes to the past five years ago p
p While doubting the unbelievable realitySeyad wants to live a different life than before to prevent a rampageSeyad finds Lesas before he awakens his powerand approaches him again p
plsquo Why are you doing this to meIsn rsquo t it your job to hate and ignore mersquo p
p One by oneI realize things that I couldn rsquo t understand in my previous life p

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