When the Regressed Dirty Spoon Becomes a Golden Spoon
Author :Milk Tea
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p You need to become anInfluencer brAre you ready to start p
p Envious of the glamorous lives of influencersI started my own YouTube channelbrBut the reality is hellip513 subscribers p
p I lived the life of an unemployed icon until one day I fell into the Han River and woke up to find myself hellip p
SkillQuick Shot of LifeDSkill NotSorryB
p I thought it was theYou Need to Be an Influencerskill p
p Three years after moving to Apgujeong due to her father rsquo s business successshe was living a life of luxurybrThe sudden failure of his business left us pennilessbrSuddenlythe past returns and a strange status window appears in front of her p
p Luxury bagsdepartment store VIP loungesexotic carsfine diningbrYouTuberinfluencerand fellow alumna Ha Jein has it all p
Reveal the dressing roomranging from plain luxury bags to limited editions20 38 br ENG DM Mom rsquo s Favorite Diamond Accessories15 46 br You have the best faceJust take a picture of your face and show it to me for an hourpleasebr ndashBorn with a view of the Han Rivera golden spoonand harmonious parents hellipI wonder what it rsquo s like to live like that
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p I used to secretly look at Instagram every time with a mixture of superiority and envyNowbye bye hellipbrNow I rsquo ll do it tooThe Golden Spoon Influencer p
pldquo But why are you being so nice to merdquobr rdquoWellbecause I wanted tordquo p
p He smilesthen slowly walks over to her and gives her a shoulder to lean on p
pldquo Because you asked me to hellipso I rsquo ll do anythingrdquobr ldquo That rsquo s okaylet rsquo s start with something easierrdquo p
p And the man who said he wanted to be by my side for a long time p
p Will I do well in high school again p

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