The Little Deaf Man Decided to be Spoiled
Author :Yan Songsong
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p Ji Ruan transmigrated into an old fashioned dog blood abusive story and became a pitiful little shou who was abused both physically and emotionally after marrying the gong through an agreement p
p After checking himselfhe found out that he had hearing losswas physically weak and had nowhere to go p
p Very GoodJi Ruan leaned back against the hospital bedSince he was uncomfortablehe was going to lie down for a while p
p At firstthe gong was cold and indifferentsaying ldquo The agreement will expire in three yearsI hope you will leave quietlyrdquo p
p Ji Ruan turned on his cochlear implant and looked tiredasking ldquo SorryI didn rsquo t hear clearlyCould you say it againrdquo p
p Gong ldquohellip Or maybe you should just restrdquo p
p Laterthe white moonlight revealed the truth angrily ldquo Do you think he married you because he loves youYou just look like meHe only loves merdquo p
p Ji Ruan fumbled around and mumbled to himself ldquo Where rsquo s my cochlear implant helliprdquo p
p He accidentally fell off the hospital bedand the monitor alarm rang throughout the hospital p
p The next secondthe gong rushed into the ward with doctors and guardspicked him up and scolded him ldquo Didn rsquo t I tell you not to get out of bed rdquo p
p Ji Ruan blinked his big eyes and stared at his lips blankly p
p Gu Xiuyi took a deep breathand his anger disappeared p
p He leaned down and kissed Ji Ruan rsquo s earwith lingering fear ldquo It rsquo s okaydon rsquo t be afraidI rsquo ll cure you for surerdquo p
p Ji RuanWhat are they talking aboutAre they done abusing meWhen can I go to sleep p
p Before getting marriedGu Xiuyi thought he was marrying a big troublemaker p
p It wasn rsquo t until after they got married that he found out what it meant to be a priceless little bundle of joy for generations p
Demining1The shou has hearing lossneeding to rely on a cochlear implant for one ear and can only hear a little from the otherThey rsquo re not completely deaf but can rsquo t fully recover normal hearing either
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p 2The shou is sickly and pampered by the gongBe cautious if you want to see mutual pampering or the shou pampering the gong p
p 3The white moonlight isn rsquo t realand the gong never loved himThere won rsquo t be any blind abuse of the shou rsquo s heartbut there will be abuse of their bodyspecifically due to their illness This is the author rsquo s preferenceso please be aware and cautiousThe shou won rsquo t get a terminal illness p
p 4There are some aspects of sickness and hearing treatments that are fictionalPlease don rsquo t scrutinize from a medical perspective as everything is for the sake of the plot p
p 5Background of same s x marriage is possible p

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