The Opposite Of Indifference
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p Millicent was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake p
p She was brought back to life for some reasonbut she kept her past a secret p
p Then one daya request from the Queen came inShe wanted her to kill the five ladies who were considered candidates for the King rsquo s consort p
p Millicent complied with her request out of personal vengeance p
p SomehowMillicent got terribly involved with the notorious kingDespite the advice that nothing good would come to attract his attention p
p She even got a glimpse of his real face hidden under a nice mask hellipp
pldquo The opposite of indifference is obsessionrdquo p
p The presence of the king who approached playfully was annoying and unsettling p
p Millicent realized p
p The fact that she had been moving on his chessboard for some time p
p And she knew that the bloody number given to her was not five p

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