Kazama kun s Lies is Exposed to the Girls
Author :Makima
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p My name is Sota KazamaI rsquo m an ordinary second year high school studentbrBut I got into an accidentBelieve it or notthere are mysterious phenomenabrI had a five month body swap with Renya Todothe coolest guy in the class p
p He wanted to die for switching bodies with me and became shut in at homeI wanted to stay at home toobut I had no choice but to do my best due to my surrounding p
p I thought about what would happen when I could return to my normal lifeand I tried my best to maintain the status quo and not be found outbrIt was really hard for me to pretend to be a cheerful person p
p The most difficult thing was to keep the relationship with his girlfriendOtsuka Karenas it wasbrUltimatelywe managed to get back to each other rsquo s bodies without anyone finding out that we had been switched p
p Waitwhat rsquo s wrong p
p No way they rsquo d know hellipright p

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