I Became The Villain s Master
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p I possessed the body of a desert fox werebeast rsquo s villainess youngest daughter p
p I was born with a diamond spoon in my mouthdespite the fact that they are a villainous familyI really hope that this time I could live happily with my handsome father and brothers p
p Howeveraccording to the original storyour family was to be annihilated because the s ave I rsquo ve been raising since the age of three is the ultimate villain hellip p
pldquo What were you thinking when you treated Rory that wayDid Rory made a mistakerdquo p
pldquo RoryYou rsquo re talking about that s averdquo p
p Hearing her naive brother rsquo s wordsshe grimaced and shook her head p
pldquo Merchenmy dear sisterplease don rsquo t tell me you rsquo re trying to be friends with that s aveA noble cannot befriend a s averdquo p
p Heymy ignorant brotherthe s ave you rsquo re referring to will be the ultimate villainBut is this the only way to change the future and survive p
p Can I raise this villain well p

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