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p Xie Yao is a game anchor who quickly rose to fame on Shark TVHe is skilled and wittyoften coming up with clever remarks on the flysuch asldquo Real men don rsquo t play support rdquoldquo If the child doesn rsquo t learnit rsquo s the father rsquo s faultIf you guys are badit rsquo s my fault rdquo andldquo Did you raise a dogGo ask your dog at the door how to play this gamerdquo p
p During one of his live streamsXie Yao got into a heated argument with his viewers and was constantly criticizedJust as he was about to give upa wealthy benefactor suddenly appeared in his chat roomThe benefactor sent a message with a flashy spaceship effect that said ldquo Want to add me on WeChatrdquo p
p Xie Yao replied ldquo Which serious anchor adds WeChat to viewersrdquo p
p But without a second thoughtthe benefactor sent five more spaceships p
p Xie Yao said ldquo Okayokaythank you so muchI rsquo ve sent you my WeChat ID in a private messagePlease feel free to visit again next timerdquo p
p Howeverwhen Xie Yao added the benefactor on WeChathe found out that the benefactor was actually the captain of the prestigious team SUSJiang Songa god like man p
p So Xie Yao and the god like man played together during a live stream p
p Jiang Song said ldquo You pick Yaoand I rsquo ll go with Feirdquo p
p Xie Yaowho never played supportwas surprised and said ldquo Okaybrordquo p
p Several months laterJiang Song was invited to attend a competition as a special guestwhile Xie Yao was invited as the new king of the platformDuring the exhibition matchXie Yao impressed the audience with his skills p
p Afterwardsa reporter asked Jiang Song ldquo What was your first impression of the new king of the platform during the exhibition matchrdquo p
p Jiang Song answered very seriously ldquo He rsquo s very softrdquo p
Online flirt and offline introvert anchor with a face that rsquo s used for insulting people is a retired master who attacks from the back in the story
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p A cute and healing sweet pastrywith a 1v1 dual cleanser settingbrLive streaming mixed with a bit of e sportsplaying the game King of GlorybrSemi fictional eralots of private setupsbeware of errorsbrTags p
p Love at first sightPerfect matchCompetitiveSweet storyp
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p ProtagonistXie YaoJiang Songp
p Supporting charactersCat inldquo The Picked Up Cat Goes from Schizophrenic to Asura Every Day and Begs for Collection rdquo p
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