I Killed the Male Lead
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p It seems that I killed the original male lead p
p A man laid on the groundbleeding profuselyand I was holding a dagger p
pldquo What is this bodyWhere is this place and who is this manrdquo p
p Before I could even grasp the dire situationp
pldquo Your ExcellencyWhat rsquo s the matterI rsquo m coming inrdquo p
p I would be framed as a murderer p
p At that timeI heard a mysterious voice in my headas if reading a passage from a novel p
p I barely escaped the murder scene following those instructionsbut the voice tells an incomprehensible story p
p The investigator who is after meAmon Spencer p
p Catch him p
pldquo You mean to catch the criminal togetherrdquo p
pldquo YesI have informationrdquo p
p So we decided to form a temporary alliance for each other rsquo s benefit p
p I rsquo m sure it was hellip p

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