When the Peak Meets Peak Crazy
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p Fang Shan is a systemone day on a mission to find the wrong host after getting drunk p
p As the future heir of the Wei familyWei Su Shen has a ruthless attitude and is a big brother sought after by countless people p
p Until one dayndash p
Fang ShanAlthough you are just a rookie todayyou can still soar into the nine heavens tomorrowWei Su Shen helliphellip
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Fang ShanI guarantee that those who looked down on you and persecuted you in the past will all pay the price
p Wei Su Shen helliphellip p
p LaterWei Su Shenwho was already at the top of his lifewas forced to stand at the top of the world p
Fang ShanNow dear hostplease shout our slogan in front of everyone
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p Wei Su Shen helliphellipDon rsquo tdon rsquo t discriminate against a poor young man p
p CrowdNoShame p

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