I m Going to Destroy this Country
Author :SAN.G
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p There was once the worst Skeleton Demon King who even gave the gods headaches p
pldquo If you do our workwe will make you a humanrdquo p
p But he was deceived by the gods and sealed p
pldquo Since the Demon King is gonelet rsquo s eliminate all the demonsrdquo p
pldquo Let rsquo s leave the demon exterminationpreachingand everything else to our precious Saintrdquo p
pldquo The Skeleton Demon King will be imprisoned for life and tortured in the maggotrdquo p
p That rsquo s what was said for sure p
pldquo Oh mylittle dear Sainthave you woken uprdquo p
p Did he become a SaintAnd even the son of a nobleman in the Holy Empire that feeds the godsThen if he destroys this countrywon rsquo t the gods also be destroyed p
pldquo Oh mywhy is little Saint seemed so happyrdquo p
pldquo Little Saintthis is a disgusting toy of the Skeleton Demon KingWould you like to break it oncerdquo p
pldquo The great gods recovered everything from the Skeleton Demon King who challenged the gods without restraintrdquo p
phellip Let rsquo s destroy this country p
p Let rsquo s eliminate it while breaking the backbone of the gods p

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