Spirit of the Phoenix
Author :Touchinghk
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p When the rebellion broke out in the palacePrincess Tai An died in a fire at Weiyang Palace p
p After many yearsshe awoke to see a younghandsome boy standing in front of herShe realised she had already died for over thirty yearsher soul bound to a mere bookand a new dynasty had risen p
p This is a story about a ghost of a dead princess of the previous dynasty and the scheming crown prince p
p Tai An ldquo Your Highnesswhere is your motherrdquo p
p Crown Prince ldquo Deadrdquo p
p Crown Prince ldquo What about my wifePrincess Tai Anrdquo p
p Tai An let out a chuckle and pointed to herself ldquo Oopsdead toordquo p
p As the Princess of the previous dynastywrongfully accused of severe crimes against the nationwill she be able to find out the truth behind the rebellion in time p
p Within the dangerous grounds of the palacewill he be able to avoid the schemes of othersand make his way to the throne p
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