You Have the Right to Keep a Secret Love
Author :Ye Fei Ran
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p Qi Xi is the beautifultop ranking student of her law schoolHer life could only be describe to be smooth sailingButthe only thing that made her dissatisfied was her unpleasant rivalGu YanOver the past 4 years as her classmateGu Yan robbed Qi Xi of countless opportunities and awards p
p And just as she was about to speak on behalf of her class as Outstanding GraduateQi Xi received a letter from the expressionless Gu Yan hellipa confession letter that could only be compared to a form of sexual harassment signed by the outstanding Gu Yan himself p
p Qi Xi changed her graduation speech out of angerstarting with the confession letterWith a hearty and passionate speechshe called for society to respect womenand in the end she emphasized ldquo Gu Yanyou might have a crushbut it is a crime to confess like thisI rsquo m someone you can rsquo t catch up with in your liferdquo p
p Howeverafter finishing the speechQi Xi discovered a terrible fact hellipat the back of the confession letter was a line ldquo roommate Zhang Jia Liang rdquoput togetherthe true signature of the letter was ldquo Written by Gu Yan rsquo s roommate Zhang Jia Liang rdquo p
p The letter was not written by Gu Yan hellip p

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