The Monster Lady and the Paladin
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p The city was destroyedHer family was deadHer friend was murdered right before her eyesVeronica tried to run away but to no availThe moment her eyes metlsquo it rsquo her life was turned upside down p
pldquo She rsquo s already been assimilatedrdquo p
p A man grabbed her by the hair and looked at her disdainfully as she struggled p
pldquo Do you want to liverdquo p
pldquo UghcoughUghrdquo p
pldquo Do you want to live even if you have to roll in the fires of hellrdquo p
pldquo Let me gordquo p
pldquo Answer meIf you wish to dieI will kill you painlesslyrdquo p
p She doesn rsquo t want to dieShe didn rsquo t want to die yetShe had just been reborn p
pldquo Then ask me for helprdquoThe manwho seemed to read her thoughtssneeredThe burning abyss was staring straight at her p
pldquo I want to live hellippleasehelp merdquo p
p She didn rsquo t know until thenThat his breath and his salivafilled with his holy powerwill save her p
p She became God in place of a vanished God p

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