I Was Stuck on the Same Day For a Thousand Years
Author :Sang Ze
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p Wu Chen traveled to a new worldbut he is trapped on July 72020 p
p He indulged himselfdid all kinds of evil thingsran away in despairand even committed suicide hundreds of times in all kinds of waysBut when the day endseverything goes back to the beginning p
p While getting stuck in the repetitive dayshe spent countless days learning and studyingAnd sohe has mastered hundreds of languages and can communicate with 99 9of the world rsquo s populationHe is also proficient in all mainstream musical instrumentsartsdancingperformancesshooting and martial arts hellipIn facthe is comparable to a master in any and every one of them p
p In this wayhe lived for a thousand years p
p Howeverwhen a new day dawns and the sun rises as usualthe date is hellipJuly 82020 p
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