When I was Fired from the Saintfor Some Reason I Tur
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p I am a saintand I was also the fianc eacute e of the crown prince p
p The past tense is because one day a saint was summoned from another world and I was discharged p
p On top of thati was falsely accused and pushed down into the valley under the pretense of executionBut when I woke upmy body had turned into a five year old child for some reason p
p Moreoverthis place seems to be the demon king rsquo s castle in the demon worldand human infants are rarealso the demon king finds me interesting and makes me his pet p
p I thought that I would be killed if my true identity was found outas I had created a barrier between the demon world and the human world hellipp
p A mysterious pet life between meformer saintwho is a little girl and the demon king who wants to bother me begins p

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