It is my Destiny to be the Savior of the Protagonist
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p While being abused by her fathershe recalled memories of her previous life and realized she was in the fantasy novel world she saw previouslyThere she was born as a side character who dies before the novel even begins p
p Ariadne thought calmly p
plsquo ScrewedIt was also screwed on a global scalersquo p
p That novel had a very bad ending where the protagonist failed in saving the world ndash that isdestroyed p
plsquo If the protagonist regressesthe bad ending is confirmedand so is this novelrsquo p
p To change the endingshe must save the worldsave the protagonistand save their companionsHoweverthe first person she should save hellip p
pldquo Take meGrandpardquo p
p She was destined to die at the age of 16 after being abusedNow her destiny will be to save the feature romance fantasy p

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