Shocking Venomous ConsortFrivolous Miss
Author :White Day
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p The destitute young miss of the Ling family was weakhad lowly qualificationswas ugly and frequently bulliedIn the endshe was pushed into the freezing river by her so called love rivalHoweverwhen she opened her eyes once againher gaze was cold yet captivatingEverything had changed drasticallyWhen her ugly looks fadedshe became a peerless beautyWhen she displayed her graceful bearing and talentit was blinding and earth shattering p
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p I m a foodie and I m proud of itI have a venomous tongue to infuriate people to deathbut I won rsquo t compensate with my life p
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p All the handsome men would give their all just to make her smilewhich provoked his desire to dominate and possess herHoweverin the endwas it him who dominated her hellip p

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