Inoru Kami Wo SirazuNegau Kokoro no Katachi wo MiezuSoredemo Tuki Wa Yozora Ni Noboru
Author :Akira Shinamori
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p The name of the fallen Hero is still unknown to the world p
pldquo Artifacts rdquoare the weapons used to defeat the Devil rsquo s retainers whose goal is to lead the world to ruins p
p In the present erasociety has established a rigid class systemIn this systemthe higher classldquo Nobles rdquo pure bred humans who can use Artifactsrule over the lower class Demi Humans who don rsquo t have the aptitude to use Artifacts p
p The heroSerotwas brought back to life after a thousand years and was astonished by the declining progress of humanitySerotin order to solve a certain problembegan attending the Academywhere it rsquo s rumored that all the world rsquo s knowledge rests at that institution p
p Howeverhis Artifact rsquo s Aptitude Level at the entrance examination is revealed to be at rock bottom lowHe is looked down on as an inferior level Noble at the Academybut when shown a glimpse of his battle prowess then hellipp
p This is a world that is almost like a nightmarea fiction brimming with the feelings of persecutionBut it is also a story with a small but faint hope glowing from within the darkness p

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