The Tyrant Mistook Me For A Companion
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p I possessed the villain rsquo s daughter p
p I have to find the male lead before anyone else to live p
p I get tangled up with the male leadso he didn rsquo t have to meet the female lead p
p Because the male lead couldn rsquo t recognize any face except for the female lead rsquo s who would fall in love with him p
p The snarling male lead was also well raised and protectedand I only need to release him before the imprint of the companion happens p
p It was definitely a perfect plan hellip p
pldquo I rsquo ll find you wherever you arerdquo p
p Somehow his red eyes felt faint p
p As an adulthe got a pattern and the original work began p
p The two of them were imprinted unexpectedly p
p I even have a red pattern that says that companions kill each other p
p I rsquo m rolling around to live p
pldquo You no longer have a companion rdquo p
pldquohelliphellipWhat p
pldquo I killed him first because he tried to kill yourdquo p
p He killed my companion and said proudly p
pldquo Your companion is not meIt rsquo s princess Janicerdquo p
pldquo Then we can kill hertoordquo p
p Somehowthe male lead has turned into villain because of me p
p It said that he rsquo d only recognizes the female lead more than thatHe seems to have recognized me right now p
phellipIt seems that the tyrant has mistaken me for his companion p

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