Stimulating To Be Raised By A Virtual Lover
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p People need kryptonite to support virtual loversBut the virtual lover in his gameliked raising him and spoiling him p
p When Zhu Qingan was driven out of his small shanty by his stepmotherhe was homeless p
p The virtual lover gave him a largeluxurious villa p
p Stepmom ldquo rdquo p
p Zhu Qinglsquo an was left out in the talent show because of a villain p
p The virtual lover calls in an empire of people and nearly crowds the audience p
p Villain ldquohelliprdquo p
p Zhu Qing rsquo an was ridiculed by Hei Zi when he had no money and was poor p
p The virtual lover had a fleet of luxury cars worth millions of dollars to pick up Zhu Qing An in front of Hei Zi hellip to go to the bathroom p
p The whole empire thought that Zhu Qing rsquo an had talked about a powerful lover p
pldquo Your lover rsquo s assets have reached hundreds of billionsIs he the richest man in the empire rdquo p
pldquo Is your lover rsquo s status higher than that of the emperorrdquo p
p Zhu Qinglsquo an ldquo I don rsquo tI don rsquo tI just have a piece of paper man rdquo p
p I don rsquo t want us to be separated by a world like cold screen p
p I want to touch himkiss himhug him and keep him in captivityThe desire and possessiveness born every day can drive me crazy p
p He is my whole world p

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