Heroic Tale of the Red DragonExiled Hero Begins his Life in Retirement
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p Allen Shepard is a half elf whodespite his youthful appearancehad long supported his motherlandKingdom of SanchestHe served as the leader of the renowned Fire Dragon Magic Corpswhich was so strong that their fame had spread across all nations p
p Although he was somewhat despised for having achieved such while being born to a mixed racehe was still highly favored amongst the common populaceMany bards sang of his heroic tales in various taverns all over the kingdom p
p But one day p
pldquo You traitorrdquo p
p Allen was banished from the kingdom after being unjustly criticized p
p It was a conspiracy by those who were envious of Allen rsquo s achievements and those who discriminated against half elves p
p Even though he still held some lingering attachments hellip Allen left the kingdom behind p
p He decided that it was time for him to spend the rest of his life overseeing and nurturing the children of the next generation p
p And soAllen began his life in retirementWatching overguidingand nurturing the children he picked up and the ones he met on the way p
p On the other handthe Kingdom of Sanchesthaving lost Allenwas unable to stop the invasion from other countries and was threatened with imminent destruction p
p Having fallen into a state of crisisthey shamelessly set out to search for him againEven the neighboring countries began looking for him with other purposes in mind hellip p
p Allen had just retired but these troublesome things seem to keep coming his way p
p Will Allen ever be able to live a peaceful life in retirement p

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