I Became a Human s Daughter
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p Ariel is a little goddess who cannot use divine powers p
p When she woke up from her napshe found herself on the ground in the middle of a streetSo she grabbed the Grand Duke rsquo s trouserswho she met by chanceand hung onto it p
pldquo Take me with yourdquo p
p She intended to stay at the Grand duchy until she could find her way back to the realm p
pldquo I got hurt hererdquo p
p After she said thatunknowinglyshe became the Grand Duke rsquo s daughter p
pldquo HeartlessI can rsquo t get up right nowrdquo p
p This timeeven the Emperor clings to herclaiming her as his adopted daughtercausing the two brothers to quarrel p
pldquo You rsquo re going to take away my younger sisterHow can I speak to you nicelyrdquobr ldquo Who rsquo s your sisterShe rsquo s my sisterrdquobr ldquo YesAriel is going to be my sister nowrdquo p
p The second generation has turned themselves into enemies p
p Even the Popewho has to mediate between themwants to covet Ariel p
pldquo I will take over Ariel until you two reach an agreementrdquo p
p What the hell is going on here p
p Soon afterpeople she doesn rsquo t know appeared and said they would repay herDo they even know her p
pldquo I rsquo ve been waiting for you to call for me for a long timerdquobr ldquo You saved my lifemy lordrdquo ndashSubordinates 123 p
p Ariel just wanted to regain her lost memory and strength to return to the realmbut the world wouldn rsquo t let her go hellipp

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