After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World
Author :Mo Rao
Latest Release : Chapter 30 - What a Mess


Mo Rao was born into a family of military doctorsHer parents had risked their lives to save Fu Ying s grandmotherso the latter forced Fu Ying to take Mo Rao in as his wifeMo Rao always knew that Fu Ying had a dream girl named Qu RuThis girl failed to marry Fu Ying as she desired because Fu Ying s grandmother stopped themAfter their marriageFu Ying was very considerate of Mo RaoThey even had high compatibility especially in bedFu Ying would always find himself deeply immersed in Mo Rao s tenderness

Until one dayFu Ying said Qu Ru has returnedLet s divorceI will transfer the property I promised you to your name Mo Rao said Can we not divorceWhat if… I m pregnant… Fu Ying answered heartlessly Abort itI don t want anymore obstacles to appear between me and Qu RuAlsoQu Ru has leukemiaand your bone marrow happens to be compatible with hersIf you re willing to donate yoursI can promise you anything Mo Rao said What if my condition is that we don t divorce Fu Ying s eyes turned cold Mo Raodon t be too greedyEven if I promise you for Qu Ru s sakeyou know full well that I don t love you The wordsI don t love youstabbed at Mo Rao s heart like a knifeHer smile suddenly became twisted and she was no longer the docile woman she used to be Fu Yingthis is the first time you repulse me soYou call me greedybut aren t you the sameYou want me to divorce you so you can be with Qu RuSureI ll agree to thatBut you re even dreaming that I ll save herDon t forgetthere s no such thing as getting the best of both worlds in lifejust like you and me Then Mo Rao leftFu Ying actually felt suffocatedand this feeling drove him mad

When Mo Rao appeared once moreshe had become a dazzling starWhen she appeared before Fu Yingholding hands with her new beauFu Ying couldn t care less and said Babydidn t you say you would only love me Mo Rao smiled faintly Sorryex husbandI was mistaken back thenYou were only a replacementI actually love someone else

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