Reborn at Boot CampGeneralDon t Mess Around
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p Through years of abuse and death threatsYe Jian is not so ready to bid adieu to this world just yetFortunatelydestiny has granted her another shot at lifeOnly this timeshe is determined to become the master of her own fate and retaliate her oppressors from her previous lifeIt s payback timebr brAlthough reborn with beauty and youthYe Jian obviously holds higher pursuitsIn this lifeshe is determined to become an extraordinary commandoNoshe does not need lovefamilyor any affectionbr brHe is born in a powerful familyand step by stephe becomes the youngest Major General through his own meritsHe is drawn to her every movedespite her repeatedly shunning himbr br"What you need is lovemy little fox " he whispersbr"Get lostI need bullets " She steps awaybr brBeholdLet this novel take you through the warmhappyloyaland passionate story of the aggressive military couple p

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