The Long awaited Mr Han
Author :As If Dawn
Latest Release : CH 3493


p "Take me inI ll do anything you want me to " nbspbr brIn her previous lifeLu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step sister and an assholeAfter being released from prisonthe only thing that greets her is her mother s tombstoneSeeing the asshole and bitch getting happily along together like one big family with her birth father and step mothershe sets out to die together with the asshole and her step sister in fiery flamesnbspbr brThe moment she opens her eyes againshe finds herself back on the very day she was framedResolutely jumping out the window and climbing next doorshe seeks refuge from the man occupying the room thereBut who would have guessed that the man is the brilliant hunk she has always admired from afar in her past lifenbspbr brShe vows to rub her eyes clean and be more discerning of peopleShe wants to make everyone who owed her in the past to pay her backnbspbr br"Young Master Hancan you let me hug your other arm too " nbspbr"ActuallyI have one moredo you want it " nbspbr" hellip "p

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