I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack
Author :Mr.Yan
Latest Release : CH 253


p Everyone knew that after the young lady Miss Shen was abandoned by a wild manshe became self indulgent and fell pregnant without marryingAfter she was driven out of her houseshe fell into a state of despairThe infamous Shen Ruojinghoweverappeared at the birthday banquet of the Chu family rsquo s old madamEveryone taunted her ldquo The ones who send millions in gift money sit at one tablewhile those who send tens of millions in gift money sit at the otherrdquo ldquo Miss Shenhow much did you giverdquoThe crowd waited for her to make a fool of herselfbut Shen Ruojing pulled out an adorable little boy from behind her and said ldquo Excuse me Madamwhich table will your eldest grandson sit atrdquoBoth mother and son were brought into the Chu familyand Shen Ruojing wanted to spend her daze lazing aboutbut was met with rejection from the family in various ways ldquo We have first class hackersmusic masterstech experts hellipEveryone is well known in this familyWhat do you bringrdquoShen Ruojing rubbed her chin ldquo Wellall of those things you mentioned hellipI know a little bit of everythingrdquoHer three adorable babies stood beside her and nodded in unison ldquo We can testify that Mommy does know a little bit of everythingrdquo p

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