The Sickly Scion s Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool
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p The Bulwark Duke rsquo s residence had fallenOn the day of the duke rsquo s son rsquo s weddingall men in the family were imprisonedIn just three daysthe patriarch and duke diedWhat was originally a joyful occasion became a depressing funeralbrShen Yijia had transmigrated as the unfortunate brideBy the time her husband was sent back home to herhe was crippled and heavily injuredEveryone said that this fallen family would never recoverShen Yijia possessed a spirit liquid that helped her bring her husband back from the brink of deathWhen Song Jingchen woke uphe advised her to marry someone else insteadShen Yijia stared at his handsome face and shook her head ldquo Don rsquo t worryI rsquo ll keep yourdquobrOn the way back to their hometownthey encountered bandits and even suicide warriors who tried to assassinate them at all costsShen Yijia patted her chest and vowed to her beautiful husbandsaying ldquo Don rsquo t worryI rsquo ll protect yourdquoHowevernosy people kept nagging at hersaying that a wife should be knowledgeablereasonableand virtuousWas she supposed to help her husband pick out a concubine tooShen Yijia was annoyedAs a modern womanshe couldn rsquo t possibly get her husband a concubineHer husband belonged to her alonebrFor the sake of earning moneyshe hunted in the mountainsbattled scumand took in disciplesEventuallyShen Yijia rsquo s life became smooth sailingbrbrMany years laterthey returned to the capitalEveryone assumed that Song Jingchen disliked having such a violent wifeand would soon divorce her to remarryThe young noblewomen rubbed their hands together in gleewaiting for Shen Yijia to leave so they could take her placeBut as they waited and waitedthey saw the Song Jingchen gently hold Shen Yijia rsquo s hands right after the latter had beaten someone upSong Jingchen asked worriedly ldquo Does it hurtrdquo 1v1 sweet loveA doting yet violent female lead vs a jealous two faced male lead p

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