The Tyrant Father s Pampered Daughter
Author :Peach Porridge
Latest Release : CH 335


p pretendtobeafool emperor koi brfemaleleadisacutebaby brThe Great Qi rsquo s emperor had been hoping for a daughterbut he got 28 sons insteadThis tyrant went to the altar and prayedsaying that if he could get a daughterhe would never kill indiscriminately again and would give peace to the worldTo everyone rsquo s surpriseHeaven actually agreedTen months laterQi rsquo s only princessGu Nuo rsquo erwas born with tremendous luckbrStarting her life surrounded by cunning ministersbeing targeted by enemy nationsand in a world filled with natural disastersthe little princess waved her hand and indicated that she wasn rsquo t afraidWith her great luckshe helped her tyrant father clean up the imperial courtpleased the women in the haremand brought good luck to everyone around herSlowlyshe became a dear princess treasured by allbrTyrant fatherThe throne is Nuo rsquo er rsquo s cradleI can even give her the entire nation if she wills itbrPrince brothersWe rsquo re handsometalentedand richbut we won rsquo t marryWe rsquo ll use our life to pamper our sisterbrMinister unclesWhoever bullies our princess shall not blame us for besieging them and eradicating their existencebrBy the time Nuonuo was all grown upeveryone realized that the youth who grew up with her had been eyeing her for the longest time now hellipbrGreen eyed wolf boyYe SimingDearest NuonuoI rsquo ll wreak havoc in the families of those who made you cryand take the lives of those who hurt youIf you likemy life is yours too p

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