I Repeated The Same Day For 500 Years
Author :Cow Cow Cow
Latest Release : CH 326


p Jiang Tong was a person who had no tomorrowShe was stuck in an endless looprepeating the same day4th April of the year 2022From the initial excitement up until despairJiang Tong had tried everything to escapeShe killed herself countless timesusing different methodsbut she would always wake up on the day of 4th April 2022To pass her unlimited timeshe learned more than a thousand and three hundred skillsFrom languagesto shooting skillsculinary skillsperforming artsetcJiang Tong learned everything imaginableShe enjoyed the excitement and hotblooded fights brought about by wrestlingshe enjoyed the speed and thrill brought about by car racingthe pleasure of seducing and tasting all kinds of handsome menthe therapeutic sensations of playing various instrumentsbr brNo matter how much trouble she got intowhen it got to four in the morningshe would suddenly fall asleep and wake up on the morning of 4th AprilUntil hellipAfter countless trials and errorsshe finally managed to bed Z City rsquo s most dignified but also the weakest young masterJi LanzhouJi Lanzhou was the Ji family rsquo s youngest young masterDue to his frail bodyhe was the apple of the Ji family rsquo s eyeNo one in Z City dared to mess with himBut Jiang Tong didn rsquo t care because she would have to relive this day again tomorrowYet hellipWhen dawn cameJiang Tong was shocked to find Ji Lanzhou sleeping on her bed when she opened her eyesThe man even looked pale from having overexerted himselfJiang Tong was delightedShe looked at her phoneand the date showed 5th April2022After five hundred yearsmore than a hundred and eighty daysshe was finally out of the loopJi Lanzhou woke up to see Jiang Tong laughing and crying like a mad womanHe pursed his pale lips and said ldquo LiarrdquoJiang Tong raised an eyebrow ldquo It was an accidentSweetieSo now I have to run for my liferdquoJi Lanzhou was baffled p

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