ReincarnationI Married My Ex s Brother
Author :Imperial Songs
Latest Release : CH 1181


p "Marry meOnce we re marriedI will be loyal to you for life mdash as long as you keep me alive " Qiao Jiusheng was pushed into the water by her older twin sisterhad her identity stolenlosing her old love and lifeWith no other choiceshe seeks out Fang Yushengthe blind man rumored to have no interest in womenWith blank and empty eyeshe says"Sure " In her past lifeshe was betrayed by her sister and trapped in the basementHer tongue was cut off as she watched her sister take her placewinning overall her loved onesmarrying her lover of six yearsand starting a family with himNow that she s back to a time before it all went wrongQiao Jiusheng escapes from the river and goes to her boyfriend s older half brotherShe puts on a mask and marries himto fight their common enemyThe wheels of fate begin to spinand the severed threads of destiny are once again entwinedBefore their weddinghe tells her"Don t peek at me so openly just because I m blind and can t see you " On the night of their weddinghe tells her " You don t have to dress like a bearI don t care for women " Half a year after their weddingjust because she gives another man another lookFang Yusheng covers her laptop p

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