Love After MarriageHe Got A Free Wife
Author :sisi
Latest Release : CH 281


p Business tycoon Ji Lingchen swore not to take a wifeHe didn rsquo t even have scandals to his nameUntil one daywhen a wife was forced upon himYoung Master Ji began a new chapter in his lifeAssistant JiangYoung Master JiMadam trashed Zhang ManorJi LingchenGet more people to help her outAssistant JiangUhm hellipJi LingchenWaithas she calmed downAssistant JiangNoJi LingchenInform the board to start the project of acquiring Zhang GroupAssistant JiangYoung Master JiMadam beat up Young Master Weiand now he rsquo s hospitalizedJi LingchenHas she had enoughAssistant JiangDoesn rsquo t seem like itJi LingchenLet her continueOne dayJi Lingchen learned that Fang Xiaonuan had gotten into another fightHe slammed the table and got up ldquo Fang Xiaonuanare you asking for a beatingrdquoFang Xiaonuan retorted ldquo Darlingyou rsquo ve changedYou didn rsquo t use to be this way helliprdquoJi Lingchen pointed to her protruding belly and said ldquo You were alone before thisrdquoTo be fighting when she was seven months pregnant not only frightened her opponentbut she also scared the wits out of Ji LingchenYetFang Xiaonuan was feeling pleased that she managed to win without a fightFang Xiaonuan rsquo s anger subsided and she stared at Ji Lingchen with puppy dog eyes as if she had been badly bullied ldquo You winYou rascalcan you wait until the little rascal is safely born before you go fighting againrdquo p

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