The Genius DoctorMy WifeIs Valiant
Author :Initially
Latest Release : CH 1261


p Father ldquo Qianqianhe may be a quadriplegic but as long as you agree to marry himour company will be savedrdquo p
p Mother ldquo Plusyour younger sister would be able to get the best treatment for her heart conditionrdquo p
p Fiance ldquo If you did ityou would be able to help me get more resources while keeping yourself pure and cleanrdquo p
p Everyone around sympathise with Jing Qian rsquo s miseryShe was a young girl and now her future was ruined as she would be married to a quadriplegicNot only did she have to write songs for her younger sister to shape her sister as a genius musicianbut she was also forced to get resources for her fiance who was an actorEven after doing all theseshe was still betrayed by the two of them as a brightgreen light glowed from the top of her head p
pOHWhen Jing Qian opened her eyes again after the rebirthshe realized that she was now this sadlittle girlAs she was a frightening villain in her previous lifeshe decided to have some fun with her new life now p
p She became a celebritya genius doctoran entrepreneur that owns a winery and a cosmeceuticals company helliphellipshe was having so much funHer life was glowing so brightly that it blinded the pair of dogs that betrayed her p
p However hellipafter getting rid of thelsquo green tea fiance of hersshe was now stuck with alsquo white lotus husband who was always around herpretending to be sick p
pldquo I rsquo ve already treated you and completed my task hereWhat else do you want Let goI want a divorcerdquo p
pldquo DearI still feel uncomfortable hererdquo p
p When she looked at the man who wasn rsquo t even being sincere while pretending to be a sick personhang onto her like a huge pendantJing Qian burst out in anger p
pldquo Zhan LichuanDid you throw away your image as a coldarrogant man rdquo p

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