Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce
Latest Release : CH 415


p loveafterangst brWhen his wife and dream girl were kidnapped at the same timehe chose to save his fragile dream girl and left his devoted wife to the kidnappersHe had said to his wife ldquo Qiao Anyou rsquo ve always been smartsurely you can save yourself even if I leave you with the kidnappersBut Wei Xin can rsquo trdquoFrom this incidentQiao An finally realized her husband rsquo s true feelingsbrLeft to fend for herselfshe chose to jump from a dilapidated buildingTo the scumbag rsquo s horrorafter his supposedly obedient wife was discharged from the hospitalshe began raining down revenge on him and his dream girlHe was completely overwhelmedAfter he lost everythinghe came to realize that smartp

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