Heartwarming Aristocratic MarriageInfluential Master s Wife Chasing Strategy
Author :Yuechu Jiaojiao
Latest Release : CH 1374


p Song Fengwan was dumped by her fianc eacute who had been dating her for a yearand an illegitimate daughter appeared out of nowhere to ruin her familybrOne day when she s drunkshe claims that she wants to woo her ex fianc eacutes most feared uncleThird Master FubrIn the cornersomeone chuckled"Third Futhis girl is so daringShe said she wants to chase you " brSomeone s eyes darkened"Good taste " brLaterbrHer ex boyfriend walked in with his pregnant mistress in his arms and flaunts at herbrA certain someone strolled over and the two of them greet him obediently"Third Uncle " brFu Chen looked at Song Fengwanwho was beside himand tells them"Call her Third Aunt " brIn everyone s eyesThird Master Fu looks kind on the outsidebut is ruthless on the insidebrWhile in Song Fengwan s eyeshe is a very seductive old manbrEveryoneI don t think we know the same person p

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